Greetings from San Francisco – America’s City by the Bay! San Francisco is my new base from which to travel the world and bring you amazing holiday ideas. The first day in this beautiful city I rode a famed cable car, viewed Annie Leibovitz’s inspiring latest photo exhibit at the Legion of Honor, took a windy ferry ride to art shop in Sausalito and enjoyed an evening performance of the San Francisco Ballet celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Although the famous song “I left my heart in San Francisco” seems to be the resounding sentiment around here, my heart was left in Melbourne – a city I called home for almost 7 years and loved every minute. Travelling the world is a gift and a privilege but I hope you all realise how lucky you are to return to Australia when your travels end.
Now onto Estados Unidos Mexicanos! This issue takes you on a romantic tour of Mexico’s alluring coasts. Mexican beaches, cuisine, music, dance and climate are hot, hot, hot. Few places on earth can match Mexico’s sexy mystique. Visitors come here seeking the palpable flavour and sensibilities that lie at the very heart of Mexican culture. Where else can you climb Maya pyramids looming from steamy jungles in the morning, swim with angelfish in crystalline coves in the afternoon and dance barefoot on the sand at night to the sounds of mariachis and marimbas?

Photo courtesy of Las Ventanas al Paraiso

For this romantic perspective on Mexico and with over 6,000 miles of Pacific to Caribbean coastline to choose from, I’ve avoided the major popular coastal resort areas/cities of Cancun, Acapulco and Mazatlan as well as the cruise ship island hub of Cozumel in search of the blissed-out Mexican beach dream highlighting the lesser known Mexican coastal regions and authentic seaside towns. Gold List spotlights my five favourite places to stay on Mexico’s coasts inclusive of special romantic ideas to make your getaway even more memorable.
So as the season grows cold in Australia, take your partner somewhere HOT and enjoy pleasure after pleasure in coastal Mexico.
Sincerely, Kimberly Rosbe
Editor at Large


Romance in Coastal Mexico


Photo courtesy of Las Ventanas al Paraiso

In December, my fiance and I travelled to various overseas destinations searching for the ideal location to hold our wedding. Not until we stepped onto the grounds of Las Ventanas in Mexico did our eyes light up with certainty – this was the place. Perched on the Sea of Cortez in the Los Cabos Corridor, every vista seemed to come straight off the pages of Architectural Digest. The design was flawless with sleek, white buildings interspersed amongst perfectly manicured cactus gardens, curved pathways with inlaid stones and meandering blue infinity pools overlooking the sand and sea beyond. Speaking of the infinity pool, even despite my lovely 2 carat emerald cut engagement ring, the bling around the pool made us feel like paupers. You see we went over the Christmas holiday when the resort only accepts minimum two week stays for repeat guests. The influential businessmen of America and their families seemed to gather here for the holidays year after year – beautiful people speaking in hushed tones exchanging ideas and plans around the pool or dinner table about the next big merger…
We met with the infallible Director of Romance Maria Jose Garcia and chose a date –
June 14th. Setting a date for a wedding, however, has a way of simplifying everything fundamental to black and white. The Plaza, the resorts’ open-air panorama of the Sea of Cortez would be the dream space to take marriage vows, but as we all know, the only thing that really matters is the person you’ll stand next to and promise “to love and to cherish, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live.” I knew in my heart he wouldn’t honour those promises and so I chose instead to take another path. I thank Las Ventanas for illuminating the contrast in perfections.


Los Cabos

Photo courtesy of Las Ventanas al Paraiso

The view from the air flying the 1,000 mile peninsula two hours south from L.A. to San Jose del Cabo is breathtaking – the dark brown ragged Sierra Mountains bisect the sliver of land between the pounding Pacific Ocean and the calm cobalt blue Sea of Cortez. On the ground, literally perfect climate awaits – hot but dry air, minimal humidity due to a mere eight days average rainfall the entire year, endless wide white beaches, rich deep water teaming with sportfishing and perpetually cloudless skies. Los Cabos, which spreads north from the arch along both coastlines at the southern tip of the peninsula, is gorgeous, luxurious and exciting. It does, however, admittedly have a price tag to match. Southern California influences are abound in architecture, cuisine and design which have turned the desert landscape into a lush swath of golf courses, million-dollar villas and extravagant high-class resorts all with awesome views.
Los Cabos encompasses the towns of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas with the beach-front Corridor, an 18-mile strip of highway, connecting the two towns. What has emerged is three distinct destinations. For a real taste of Mexico, San Jose is the civic and commercial hub gentrified by expatriates. Beware of the wild stretch of water here, the waves are far too treacherous for even pro surfers. Cabo San Lucas is action central with raucous clubs and a busy marina town which attracts a young crowd giving Cabo its party-hearty reputation. Avoid this area at all costs unless you intend to drink and dance into the wee hours of the night amongst college spring breakers. The Corridor is a lifestyle – reserved for extraordinary resorts for wealthy escapists to play tennis or golf, lounge around serene infinity pools, indulge in heavenly spa treatments or dine on nouvelle Baja cuisine.
Although the resort selection is extensive, the most exclusive of these properties is without a doubt Las Ventanas al Paraiso, consistently rated the number one resort in Latin-America year after year, with uninterrupted views of the Sea of Cortez, exquisite service and flawless accommodation. (see Gold List) However each resort on the Baja Peninsula flanks the beautiful Sea of Cortez – an ecological gem with marine mammals including sea lions, gray whales, bottle-nosed dolphins, manta rays and sea turtles. The most romantic way to enjoy this area is to charter a boat and sail to the islands north of La Paz immersing yourself for a moment in the beach, the water and the wind.

Puerto Escondido to Huatulco

Full of varied pleasures, the 70-mile coastal strip in central Oaxaca between Puerto Escondido and Huatulco, the nexus of the Costa Chica, has long existed in the shadow of its flashier, noisier neighbors of Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta to the north. As a result, the Costa Chica region remains relatively unknown despite its spectacular string of beaches and rich biodiversity. The unspoiled beach town of Puerto Escondido, lovingly referred to as ‘Puerto’ by locals, is considered by many to be the best beach value in Mexico proudly embracing its surfer roots, absence of big-brand hotels and zero town planning. Huatulco is a sprawling government funded resort zone without the crowds. In between, the two-hour drive reveals a string of isolated villages including the boho-chic communities of Mazunte and San Agustinillo.
Costa Chica’s hippie, budget-conscious, chilled-out charm is anchored in relaxed, casual Puerto where it is virtually impossible to be underdressed. Puerto’s main beach, Playa Principal, still looks exactly as it did 50 years ago – a perfect arc of white powder sand fringed by palms leaning toward the Pacific. Only moderately-priced hotels and restaurants exist here so plan to eat your fresh pasta and seafood on tables in the sand. The locals laugh at the city’s attempt to rebrand the area as the Oaxacan Riveriera, as this area, refreshingly, has yet to sprout any designer or 5 star hotels and instead retains its authentic charm boasting the hottest surf destination bar none in Mexico. Zicatela, a ½ mile from Playa Principal, is the Mexican Pipeline – a 3-mile stretch of big break waves comparable to Hawaii’s fabled North Shore where waves reach up to 60 feet on a good day.
Only two hours drive away, Huatulco is worlds apart from Puerto. Oaxaca’s other seaside hub draws moneyed fresas (snobby) Mexican couples seeking their margarita in the sun, so to speak. Despite the government’s attempts to develop this town into another Cancun, only 4 of Huatulco’s 9 golden bays have been built-up and the rest remain protected.
To find the real small-town romantic magic of Oaxaca’s coast, seek out the towns/road/beaches which connect the two seaside hubs. Playa Zipolite will suit those bohemian travellers content to swing in hammocks at small, cabana-style hotels on the sand. Down the road, is Mazunte, an epicentre of marine miracle and home to Mexico’s chief turtle research center. Turtle tourism here has paved the way for low-impact lodging which embrace the topography. Secret tip: Try Casa Pan de Miel, a 5 room designer retreat with an infinity pool hovering over the ocean between Mazunte and neighboring San Agustinillo.

Puerto Vallarta and Costalegre

Photo courtesy of Las Ventanas al Paraiso

My earlier memories of Puerto Vallarta are unfortunately limited to Spring Break ’95; however, during my St. Tropez days I met a stately Mexican named Eduardo from one of the established families in Mexico City who reintroduced me to the Puerto Vallarta of today – one of Mexico’s most popular and cultural coastal resorts. Specialising in superb sunsets, its 25 miles of beaches are backed by bright emerald hills that rise abruptly behind the town. Old Vallarta is quaint and charming – a pretty beachside part of town where uneven cobblestone streets and whitewashed homes are cliché. Fushsia, peach and rose bougainvilla spill over fences and bright garden gates paint the area in tropical colours much to the pleasure of their large community of artists. In fact, Puerto Vallarta is devoted to the arts. Galleries are abundant selling modern art, sculpture and folk art from around the country.
At the northern end of the 25-mile Bahia de Banderas lies Punta Mita, home to the lavish Four Seasons (see Gold List), St. Regis and La Solana. 100 miles farther south on Highway 200 you’ll find Costalegre, the area that stretches along the Mexican Pacific Coast from Manzanillo back to Puerto Vallarta which hosts several sexy resorts off the beaten track. Cuixmala, once a private tropical hideaway for tycoon James Goldsmith, is set to become the Virgin Coast’s hottest eco-resort and politically correct watering hole for the neo-glitterati. (Madonna was, of course, one of the first guests.) A half hour drive north of Cuixmala awaits Las Alamandas, an elegant boutique hotel on 1,500 acres of oceanfront land. Romantic Tip: Dine at Las Alamandas’s La Palapa, a chic little restaurant overlooking an epic stretch of pristine beach and be reborn on this Virgin Coast.

Riviera Maya, Yucatan Peninsula

The north-south coastline along the easternmost edge of the Yucatan Peninsula between the vibrant cityscape of Cancun and the border of Belize is now known as the Riviera Maya. In the last two decades this strip of idyllic blue coves and talcum-soft beaches has undergone a startling transformation in place of luxury all-inclusive resorts, small upscale hideaways and large residential developments along Highway 307. Playa del Carmen remains the flagship town of the Caribbean Coast as well as the fastest growing city in Mexico. In truth, the area lends itself to an aura of imported chic but the sparkling white sand beaches backed by dense green jungle and clear blue water are still the coast’s number one attraction. Head to the Riviera Maya for a sophisticated, upscale holiday with the beauty of Caribbean beaches without the Cancun tackiness. Be aware, however, that you will find a subdued version of Mexican character without the cultural authenticity of other regions. The ultra-lux Mandarin Oriental has just opened here (see Gold List) for a taste of opulent Mexican chic, albeit slightly sterile. About the closest you’ll find to traditional Mexico is the much celebrated hideaway Maroma Resort & Spa (see Gold List) which holds pioneer status as the first and most venerable of the small resorts to offer upscale service and amenities in the area.
The ancient Maya site of Tulum with its splendid limestone temples set high on a cliff above the ocean are worth a visit if you are willing to brave the waves of tourists. To escape the crowds, drive to the very southern tip of the area at Punta Allen where you’ll find unrestrained sun, one-story houses painted in classic Caribbean bright pastels and the starkest quiet of the entire coast.

Isla Mujeres and Isla Holbox

Two tiny islands off the northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula offer casual Caribbean culture and the ideal spot for hammock lovers, drinking tequila and gorging on ceviche under the blazing orange Mexican sun. Although the islands were damaged badly by Hurricane Gilbert and most recently Wilma in 2005, today Isla Mujeres is prettier than it’s been in decades with fresh coats of yellow, blue and red paint on wooden houses and shops. The long white beaches are raked daily, the palms flourish and a new wave of small boutique accommodation in the budget to moderate price range is now available for beach addicts wanting to escape the flash of Cancun. Simply ferry to Isla Mujeres from Puerto Juarez on the mainland and discover a charming 5-mile-long island which is easy to navigate via golf cart and can be explored in a day. Venture beyond the Playa Norte, which extends from the ferry pier to the northern tip of the island, and instead head south. Begin your day sojourn with a swim in Playa Lancheros’s inviting calm blue water then break for a whole seasoned fish squirted with lime and thrown on the grill at the roundabout, then snorkel at El Garrafon (an underwater preserve and marine park) and finally arrive at the southern tip of the island to trek the Punta Sur, a beautiful seaside pathway leading to a lighthouse and small Maya temple ruins atop a ragged cliff. Be sure to pay homage here at the shrine to the goddess Ixchel to whom the island is named for.
Isla Holbox, reached by ferry from Chiquila, is the perfect place to view the famed night sky, particularly from the north coast of the island. Unwind at Xaloc Resort in one of the 18 palapas that are steps from the beach and pool for a mere $86 US per night. By day rent a golf cart and drive the 25-mile-long, largely undeveloped part of the Yum Balam Biosphere until you dead-end at a tidal river which drains into the Gulf of Mexico. Wade through this shallow warm water holding hands with your loved one and witness pelicans flying overhead, the harmless whale shark gliding through the water and flamingos congregating at sunset.

Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo

Photo Courtesy of La Casa Que Canta

If ever there was an overlooked, underhyped beach resort in Mexico, the Twin Paradise cities may be it. Fronted by 16 miles of coast, Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo are separated by only a few miles of beaches and embody the perfect mix of heat, beach and atmosphere. The combination of the two cities make this area ideal for those who appreciate experiencing traditional Mexico but who also desire the convenience of modern resorts with all the amenities. The double destination has everything from long, lonely stretches of sand with only pelicans and sandpipers for company, to lovely bayside beaches where you can enjoy a pina colada, fresh fish off the grill or buy a new bikini.
Zihuatanejo was originally named by the Aztecs and conquered by the Spanish and remained a sleepy fishing village until Highway 200 arrived in the 1960’s finally connecting the city to the outside world. The village still retains its authentic feel with mom-and-pop shops and restaurants but on the edge of town are high-end boutique hotels such as La Casa Que Canta (see Gold List), Villa del Sol and the four-room Casa Cuitlateca. The beautiful Bay of Zihuatanejo, surrounded by the lumpy green foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental, frames every spectacular view. The town’s new neighbor Ixtapa began in 1975 as a planned hotel zone and today represents one of Mexico’s most compact resort areas – a miniature version of the Cancun hotel strip without the glitz. Today it contains fewer than 2 dozen properties. Tip: The real romantic appeal in this Twin Paradise lies clearly with Zihuatanejo.


Top 5 Romantic Resorts on Mexico’s Coasts

1. Maroma Resort & Spa – Riviera Maya

Photo courtesy of Maroma Resort & Spa

The Travel Channel has rated the white beach Maroma’s property fronts on the edge of the crystal turquoise Caribbean as “The Best Beach in the World” for 3 consecutive years. With such a formidable draw, could any resort live up to that standard? The answer is a resounding YES. 30 miles south of Cancun lies this secluded, rustic-chic hideaway on the Yucatan Peninsula nestled amongst 200 acres of jungle preserve. The hotel began as the family home of an architect and a mere dream of a small hotel. In 1980, owner Jose Luis met and instantly fell in love with Sally, a girl from Chicago who had taken a spur-of-the-moment trip down to Cancun for a week of sun to escape the harsh Chicago winter. Upon their first meeting Jose asked Sally, “What’s Chicago like?” She responded, “Cold!” And from that moment their lives changed forever. He introduced her to his beautiful Maroma where they swam, drank coconut water and sat in the shade of the old thatched roof. Soon his dream of building a small hotel became her dream too and the two married and set out to make their dream a reality. In time the “buildings took shape, the kitchen began to whisper delicious messages, and the hotel filled with new friends who came to be enchanted by the primal rhythm of the ocean and the jungle.”
With owners who believe in love at first sight and who are living proof that love can blossom in an instant, Maroma’s essence is founded on the principles of romance. Every detail of the resort will make you appreciate your own romance – right down to the 1,000 plus candles which burn nightly along its pathways and staircases. Book the Ocean View Room as it is only steps from the beach and you can lie in bed smelling the ocean just outside your terrace. If part of your heart belongs to a pet, Maroma welcomes dogs for a mere additional $200 per stay. Their pampered pooch approach will ensure your beloved pet is considered a member of the Maroma family.
Romantic tip: What better way to find romantic inspiration than from a world-renowned artist. Maroma has its own resident artist, Parisian born Bertrand Castelli, who now calls the resort his home. Mingling in A-list Hollywood circles the likes of Gene Kelly, Ray Bradbury, Dorothy Parker, etc. during his years as ballet choreographer, opera producer, theatre and film playwright, Bertrand enjoyed an incredible international career. Eminent French author Jean-Michel Ribes wrote, “If they ever build a museum to commemorate the art of living, Bertrand Castelli will be a permanent exhibit.” If you are very lucky, Bertrand may bless you and your partner with a discussion about his lifelong pursuit of beauty through art.

2. La Casa Que Canta – Zihuatanejo

Photo Courtesy of La Casa Que Canta

Featured in the classic film “When a Man Loves a Woman,” this cliff-clinging hideaway is the ultimate romantic Mexican hideaway. I first fell in love with this place on screen when Andy Garcia’s character pledges to stand by his wife, played by Meg Ryan, as she recovers from alcoholism while they holiday here. His unwavering adoration and commitment to her is testament to true unconditional love. And this intimate resort embodies the perfect setting to renew your own sacred promises.
Only 15 minutes from Zihuatanejo, the boutique gem has only 25 deluxe suites – 11 with private pools, all with breathtaking ocean views. The adobe buildings ingeniously sculpted into a cliff are made from native materials and decorated with fine hand-crafted Mexican furniture. The staff shine and have a reputation for their warmth and charm while discreetly allowing you privacy. This resort contains all the peace, quiet and tranquillity that come with a strict no-kids-under-16 policy. Utterly sexy, utterly authentic, utterly romantic.
Romantic tip: Reenact the infinity pool scene from the movie. The in-suite pools are so divine overlooking the bay that I imagine you won’t want to leave your room. Watch the sunrise from your terrace while sipping early morning Mexican hot chocolate on your patio. Can you get any more romantic?

3. Las Ventanas al Paraiso – Los Cabos, Baja Peninsula

Photo courtesy of Las Ventanas al Paraiso

With their very own Director of Romance, Las Ventanas sets the standard for the consummate romantic resort. Set on the Sea of Cortez at the tip of Mexico’s 1,000 mile-long Baja Peninsula, the Baja-Mediterranean inspired resort is so very beautiful and meticulously well-kept with incredible attention to detail in every regard. In my opinion, it scores a perfect 10 in accommodation, food and service.
Just leave it up to Maria Jose Garcia, the gorgeous Director of Romance, to arrange your ultimate romantic escape for the two of you and ensure your desires are fulfilled and your romantic dream becomes a reality. Her sole job is to create romantic memories that will last a lifetime. The possibilities are endless and no request is too small or too large: have ‘your song’ playing in your suite when you check in, hire a Mexican Caballero to ride in on white horses bearing your intended’s engagement ring or just bring a bouquet of flowers while you have a candlelit beach dinner, have a Sea and Star Massage for two on your rooftop terrace junior suite al fresco, take sexy salsa dance lessons for two, have a message in a bottle delivered to the beach while you dine as a Mexican trio serenades…
Romantic Tip: For bike enthusiasts, rent a Harley Davidson to ride through the magnificent Baja desert with your loved one and take along a picnic basket to stop whenever your heart’s content.

4. Four Seasons Punta Mita – Puerto Vallarta

Photo Courtesy of Four Seasons Resorts

A mere 26 miles from Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast, you’ll find unrivalled Mexican luxury fit for celebrity-calibre romance. Sir Elton John and his entourage recently occupied the Four Seasons’ 20,455 square foot 5 bedroom Coral Suite followed by Ben Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner. Renowned as the #1 choice in Mexico for the Hollywood jet set to honeymoon or escape for a wedding or romantic getaway, this elite retreat will treat everyone like a celebrity. The tranquil environment set on a private white sand isthmus is very Mexican in style and design with its red-tiled-roofed casitas. Book the beachfront casitas for their large terraces and direct access to the sand. Don’t miss the star treatment poolside with the famous Four Seasons’ service which includes frequent Evian mists, ice-cream bars and roaming attendants who even clean and tighten your sunglasses.
Romantic Tip: The Four Seasons operates a luxurious Italian-built 55-foot yacht featuring a living room, kitchen with dining table and a shaded relaxation area on the upper deck as well as sunning areas on the bow, stern and rear deck. Take your loved one on this privately-chartered yacht to one of the enchanted islands near the property and decadently float the day away.

5. Mandarin Oriental – Riviera Maya

The long awaited newest addition to the Yucatan Peninsula finally opened its doors in February – and the wait was worth it. A 30-minute escape from the Cancun insanity is this 128 room world-class resort with light airy white bedrooms and polished granite floors. Although the vibe is admittedly more Malibu Beach than authentic Mexico, a flair of culture still exists. If food is your aphrodisiac, this is the place. With a choice of 7 restaurants, your cuisine affair has no boundaries. Start your day with your amore savouring fresh fruit pancakes at the Aquamarina restaurant with panoramic ocean views. Lunch sushi style at Ceviche Cha Cha Cha overlooking the Caribbean blue. Then as the sun sets, enjoy caiprinhas on the roof terrace at the M Bar followed by innovative Latin-Asian cuisine at the resorts’ signature Ambar restaurant for an elegant candlelit dinner.
Romantic Tip: The Spa here is sensational. Book the 2 hour Mayan Tzolkin Ritual for you and your partner and pick your own herbs to use during the treatment beforehand in the medicinal garden.


Executive Edge and Club Med co-branded a special Family Movie Night at Classic Cinema’s Elsternwick April 10th featuring the big screen adventure hit Nim’s Island starring Abigail Breslin, Josie Foster and Gerard Butler. It was a great night with two major Club Med holiday trips given away on the night in a draw. Danielle Segal received a three night family vacation at Lindeman Island and Grant Cohen received 5 nights for two people at selected Asian Pacific villages. Congrats to Danielle and Grant – enjoy! We will keep you all posted as to the next Edge event.


Deb’s Travel Diary
Villamoura Algarve Portugal

I have returned from a 2 week vacation spent in Villamoura (Algarve). Villamoura is located virtually in the middle of the Algarve coast and within 20 kms from Faro Airport. Vilamoura is a world class destination as it caters for both sporting and leisure activities. It also has some of the best sandy beaches imaginable.
The most easily accessible of these is the beach located near the Marina (Praia da Marina). Most of the big resorts are located near the beach which extends for approximately 20 kms and offers every amenity imaginable. I stayed with family in a private villa, so I cannot recommend first hand any properties in the area. But I can tell you from walking around the township as much as I did that Villamoura does offer a wide choice of prime accommodation. It has everything from luxury resorts to small self-contained private villas and apartments. It’s family-friendly and a safe residential haven, but also offers a vibrant and exciting night life.
The marina is the main epicenter of Villamoura and boasts some enormous and glamorous vessels. The waterfront is great for wandering around day or night and offers a selection of smart chic bars, restaurants and cafes. A great recommendation for dinner is a restaurant called Willie’s, which is located in a beautiful residential area. It’s a Michelin star restaurant and offers elegant dining by candle light. The restaurant is always full and the reputation is excellent, so bookings are highly recommended. We were made to feel extremely welcome and they adore babies. The other restaurant which is worth a recommendation is the Steak House located down on the Marina which boasts a great location looking over the marina, good food and excellent service.
Villamoura has so many golf courses, we were literally surrounded. The best known of the 6 or so golf courses are Millenium, Laguna, Pinhal, Victoria and the Old Golf Course all of which are world-class. To sum up it’s a very special place and I believe caters for every need or desire.



The Rhine & Moselle
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Amsterdam to Budapest
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JThis Danube, Main, and Rhine cruise glides past ancient castles and soaring cathedrals, taking in revered UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Schonbrunn Palace and Kolner Dam.

Holland & Belgium in Spring
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Colourful flowers, picturesque windmills, art museums, canal-lined medieval towns and the art of making chocolate highlight this springtime riverboat cruise through the scenic inland waterways of the Netherlands and Belgium.
Contact your Executive Edge Cruise Consultant for more details on these unique cruising opportunities.