Industry Alliance Buying Power

Executive Edge Travel is a founding member of the prestigious Australian based CT Partners. CT Partners represents Australia’s largest independent travel agency consortium caring for over 3 million travellers each year with a sales turnover in excess of $4.6 billion annually. This alliance provides Executive Edge with the ultimate industry purchasing power.

Worldwide Customer Care

Executive Edge Travel is a proud member of Radius Travel. Radius Travel is a global travel management company that designs programs for multinational companies through a worldwide network of agencies, including ours. 

Radius Travel  is one of the world’s largest travel management networks with over 30 million bookings per year. Radius Travel offers Executive Edge clients the unique benefits of Worldwide Customer Care at over 4,900 locations in more than 80 countries. Therefore our clients have the security of knowing that, should problems arise, a simple call or visit to a Radius Travel global partner office can offer a solution.

Memberships of Governing Bodies

Accredited Member of International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Australian Travel Agents Travel Compensation Fund (TCF)

State of Victoria Travel Agents License No. 32403