Account Management

An area of great value to our corporate clients is our customised Account Management. Every aspect of our service will be tailored to meet clients’ specific travel requirements and offer optimum travel management solutions for today’s global environment.

With the majority of our experience serving medium-sized companies, our team has a proven record of delivering consistently outstanding service to large numbers of corporates, while treating the individual as unique.

Your company will be assigned a personal Corporate Travel Advisor who will take pride in getting to know you and your team to develop strategic plans which manage your travel program in the most cost-effective manner.

Our Account Management Program includes:

  • Selection of personal Senior Corporate Consultant
  • Understanding and integrating clients’ travel policy
  • Updating your company’s travel systems
  • Development of customised travel management solution
  • Training and orientation for clients
  • Online software application of Sabre Online (SOL) technology
  • 24/7 Full Service
  • Ongoing vendor negotiation
  • Proactive analysis of all customised and standard reports
  • New Technology Systems and enhancements each year
  • Quarterly meetings for updating policies

Our goal is to ensure every aspect of your corporate travel plans run logically, smoothly and cost-effectively.

At Executive Edge Travel, you can be confident that whatever your corporate travel needs, our expert team will deliver the best possible travel solution.