Executive Edge Travel’s Online Booking Solution, Sabre Online (SOL), is the most sophisticated and comprehensive corporate travel management software available today. Sabre is the leading global provider of technology, distribution and marketing service for the travel industry and has been voted the world’s No. 1 global distribution system. Sabre Online has been exclusively designed to meet the specific needs of the Australian and New Zealand travel market.

Sabre Online is a highly flexible, one-stop solution for all size organisations. Sabre Online is fully integrated with our Sabre CRS system allowing complete reservations capability for air, hotel, car hire, insurance and all other travel-related products and services in the most streamlined highly automated manner.

As a bonus, Sabre Online’s Profile Module is a web-based system which allows our clients to access and alter individual and group profiles themselves with basic internet service and a password through our website. This technology also makes it possible for clients to schedule travel bookings directly on the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) traditionally used by Agency Travel Consultants. Once profile changes or bookings are made, the Sabre Online application immediately updates our database seamlessly and simultaneously. Never before have corporate travel clients and consultants been able to perform such fast, efficient updates.